2016 Volunteer of the Year

Tallangatta & District Netball Association, Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:52PM

Congratulations to Dawn Cardwell who was awarded the 2016 Tallangatta & District Netball Association Volunteer of the Year Award.

Over the past 10 years that Dawn Cardwell has been involved with the Kiewa Sandy Creek Netball Club, she has had many titles. Player, supporter, umpire, treasurer, game secretary, umpires coordinator, scorer, timekeeper - you get the point.

Dawn has done her fair share of early mornings and late nights to keep things at the Kiewa Sandy Creek Netball club working smoothly and for this, we would like to nominate for the Tallangatta & District Netball League Volunteer of the Year for 2016.

In 2016, Dawn has once again been the treasurer of the Netball Club marking the 7th year she has undertaken this task. She takes care of our bank records and ensures our fundraising efforts are on track.

Dawn is also our match secretary which involves entering three junior and three senior team lists prior to each game on a Friday night through coordination with 6 different coaches. Once games are completed, Dawn sacrifices Saturday nights with her family to diligently collect the votes to go the TDNA and enter data across the 6 games.

Dawn has been Kiewa Sandy Creek’s umpire’s coordinator for the past 4 years. Having Dawn’s eagle eye over umpires has ensured fairness and consistency throughout out netball grades and encourages new umpires to take up the skill.

If there is a spare duty to be done, Dawn is there helping out. If a coach needs a small piece of advice, Dawn is able to give it. If a TDNA League meeting needs attending, Dawn is there to represent Kiewa Sandy Creek. 

Although Dawn no longer plays, she regularly attends training to umpire the players practice matches for the love of netball.

Dawn Cardwell selflessly volunteers her time and energy into ensuring that the Kiewa Sandy Creek Netball Club runs seamlessly, so umpires, players and coaches can reach their full potential.

Last updated: Wednesday August 17, 2016 8:00PM